But Ilana is not cruel. She in fact, feels like a female Bill Murray character, a combination I have never encountered before. She’s Venkman in a midriff-bearing T-shirt: a woman who does whatever she wants but with so much affable myopia you end up admiring her. It’s not how most people do things, but if your job doesn’t pay you, why not take a nap? If you have hemorrhoids and you find yourself at the vet, why not ask about them? Ilana is uniquely unburdened by what people think of her. If that sometimes makes her a jerk, it also makes her a unicorn—a rare being that, once spotted, you don’t take your eyes off.
“Three Cheers for the Broads of Broad City” via Slate (via aubreymurray)

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deep and inspirational, one of their best work as far as albums.

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